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Renishaw plc

"Production #Engineer to help develop assembly facilities for additive mfg systems; ultimately based nr #Cardiff "

Morson International

"New #job: Rapid Prototype / Additive Layer Manufacturing Engineer Location: Bristol .. "


"Design Engineer (Additive Manufacturing), Filton "

My Chatbox Blog Post

"New external post GraduateJobFeed: Design Engineer (Additive Manufacturing), Filton "


"RT @ajsweatt: New #AdditiveManufacturing Publication due from @MMSOnline "


"Aim where manufacturing is going, not where it was, says @MMSOnline. And it’s going additive. "

Jack Kortum

"@sarahnanbu It's a sales position at @RapidMade they're an additive manufacturing company near downtown Portland!"

Michelle Bracali

"RT @Stratasys: See a 3D printed heat exchanger from @UofMaryland "

David Williams

"Heat exchanger with unique geometry built with additive manufacturing. "

Amanda Gore

"awesome “@dominiccampbell: #Design an assistive tech product through additive manufacturing. Supported by @enabledby ”"

Erik de Jong

"a.s. woensdag RapidPro, congres over additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping en -tooling, Veldhoven #mikrocentrum "

Michael Prieto

"RT @NadraAngerman: @RAPID_Event = Feat. equipment, materials & services in additive manufacturing, 3D printing & 3D imaging "

Justin Pickard

"@mims - A Chinese room argument for making stuff! Nicely done. (And Amazon are well placed to get in on the additive manufacturing gig.)"

Savanna Duff


Prototype Today

"GPI Prototype Presents Additive Manufacturing technologies at Molding 2012 "

Farnaz Nickpour

"RT @dominccampbell #Design an assistive tech product through additive manufacturing. @enabledby #inclusivedesign ”"

Nadra Angerman

"RT @RAPID_Event #MM Must See, FREE Technical Briefings for attendees interested in Additive Manufacturing & 3D Imaging "

RAPID Conf & Expo

"Experience the full spectrum of additive manufacturing & 3D imaging technologies at the #RAPID2012 Exposition "

Hipster Designer

"@gregeh I'm investing in additive manufacturing. I suggest you do the same. It's like buying stock in #apple, in the 70's"


"mfrsearch | (48493) Additive Manufacturing, Q1 2012 Issue. "

Aviation Jobs

"Project Controller - Additive Manufacturing - £30000 - £40000 Bristol Primarily responsible for supporting budge... "

Chris Garceau

"Skate Where the Puck is Going: Toward Additive Manufacturing "

Steve Wheeler

"Kurzweil talking about additive manufacturing (3D printing to you and me) link to Internet of Things? #lwf12"

Melody White

"New 3D-Printed Plastic Heat Exchanger Shows Complex Geometries Are Possible ... - MarketWatch (press release) "

gustavo fontana

"I think small-run, designed, curated manufacturing has way more potential that the overhyped maker additive/3Dprinted stuff."