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Lee Min Yen Jen

"@frogtle heyyyyy do you rmbr the cap place where we went the last time? Do you have their contact! My friends sourcing for lanyards! :P"


"Check out this re-cap of @SOURCINGatMAGIC from our friends at @TigerTrade! "


"RT @USAITA: Check out this re-cap of @SOURCINGatMAGIC from our friends at @TigerTrade! "

Sultan Karim

"@jayhawkins1985 Along with some engineer mates and heavy volume for a company with a market cap of £25m! +6.7% today"

Bob Patin

"I think I saw Ron Paul at a model train show; he needs the striped engineer's cap. #CNNDebate"




Gretta Bentson

"Thomas the Tank Costume - Infant Costume: Thomas the Tank Costume includes printed foam apron and engineer cap. ... "


"Booked a Session For sunday but now the engineer tryna Ima have to Finesse sumn.."

Shridhara M Shetty

"RT @Kool_Nerd: I learned to produce and engineer thru experience and awesome instructors at Cap. Uni. Don't take me lightly! "

WorleyParsons Jobs

"WorleyParsons: Lead/Senior Process Engineer ( #BahrainManama , CAP) "


"Mechanical Engineer - Gurgaon - Turbine Design Engineer-Manager - Lib Cap Infotech Solutions pvt... #EngineeringJobs"

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"United States - Manufacturing Engineer "

Taren Statham

"VW PLAID ENGINEER CAP: Cotton twill engineer cap with one size fits most self fabric backing. Red/white/navy pla... "

My Nebraska Jobs

"Job Lead: Engineer - Veyance at "

Marcus Stephenson

"@D_E_E_J we just have to have the engineer time, mo-cap time, and budget to get a huge cluster of them in. We'll get there!"

J. Ray Ryan

"Today's plans--the Amherst Railway Society's Model Train Show at the Big E fairgrounds. I'll be one of many wearing an engineer's cap!"

Advertising Week CA

"RT @scottlyon Cndn beer maker #JamesReady turned manufacturing glitch beer cap labels into creative "recall" campaign + SoMe #ADWEEKCA #LIFT"

Marvis Bowdre

"Nikon - Lens cap: Nikon is a precision optical company with worldwide manufacturing, research and marketing capa... "

Julieann Olivarez

"Medium Chrome Pourer with Cap (04-0174) Category: Pumps and Pourers: Item #: 04-0174. Customers also search for... "

George Chidyausiku

"Gov benefit cap brings -more problems Need joined up-thinking LT view on tackling cost of living and manufacturing base. No ST solutions!"


"Osborne went cap-in-hand to China & found they love giving money to countries with no manufacturing industry. Silly fool."

Fern Felux

"Curt Manufacturing 29405 1400 Lb Cap 4.1:1 Gear Ration 3/4 In 7 In Handle: 1400 lbs. Hand WinchCapacity 1,400 lb... "


"Saunders Manufacturing Products – Portable Desktop, 1″ Cap., 3-Ring, 11-1/4″x13-1/2″, Charcoal GY – Sold as 1 EA... "

Testing Something

"Good News on Manufacturing, Inflation and Housing "