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Steve Anichini

"I'd have a hard time describing to a junior engineer the process I used to track the last memory stomp."

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Ashlin Diep

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Rich Baska

"Santorum has selective memory...we lost manufacturing LONG before Pres Obama #tcot #p2 #CNNDebate"


"RT @BlueTrooth: Santorum has selective memory...we lost manufacturing LONG before Pres Obama #tcot #p2 #CNNDebate"

Louise Brown

"@virginmedia some HD but compared to other virgin boxes our memory appears to be shocking! Worth getting an engineer out?"

Gary Horkan

"Tales of Royalty and sea captains: RETIRED MoD engineer Norman Dawkins, 66, has uncovered the sort ... "

Recharla Shalini

"Looking for a "Memory Layout Design Engineer" in Bangalore, India "


Recharla Shalini

"Job: "Memory Characterization Engineer" in Bangalore, India "


"Sr Memory Design Engineer - Lyon Area, France Ref: 1085: "

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"I had 2 great uncles who were apart of the Tuskegee Airmen legacy (1 an engineer and 1 a piolt) so I gotta see it twice in their memory"


"@SpaidETP better look up some foods on google that strengthen memory my producer/engineer (cont) "


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